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Intriguing original antique map, showing a classical projection of the Mediterranean, as understood by the Greeks, and mapping the course of the voyages of Ulysses and the Argonauts.

The map shows the Mediterranean in relatively accurate detail, but away from this region the map diverges from our modern-day understanding of geography. The outermost layer of the flat earth is the "Fiume Oceano," the "River Ocean." The Caspian and the Nile feature prominently, although the sources of the Nile are well north of their true location. The Danube and Rhine feature prominently.

The map shows the journeys undertaken by Ulysses upon his return from Troy, this is shown in Red. The configuration is unusual, as it does pass through various important locales, including the Island of Calypso and the Pillars of Hercules, the journey doesn't start in Anatolia, where Troy was believed to be. The yellow appears to show the path taken by the Argonauts, who are in search of the Golden Hind. This appears to follow the Sozomen retelling of the story, which includes a suggestion that the Argonauts sailed home by way of the Caspian Sea. This is an unusual retelling of the story, and it is interesting that Marmocchi chose this as his source.

This map was published by Francesco Marmocchi in Florence in 1838.

Condition Description
Original hand-color, in outline. Minor dampstains at top, with large paper binding tab.