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On the Eve of the Capture of France.

An interesting large format folding map of Western Europe issued in Germany in 1940 during the opening stages of the Second World War.

The map has the British Isles at its center while also focusing on France. The map was probably issued just before the German invasion of France, as this is when the strategic elements that are illustrated would have been most relevant.

The map illustrates the following strategic points:

Westwall, Verteidigungszone des Heeres [Sigfried Line, Army Defense Zone]
Westwall, Luftverteidigungszone West [Sigfried Line, Air Defense Zone]

befestigte Räume [Fortified Areas]
Sperrlinien [Barrier Lines]
befestigte Einzelgruppen [Individual Fortified Groups]
Überschwemmungsgebiete [Flood Plains]

It is noteworthy that Britain is shown with virtually no fortification. There are elements of truth to this, but this depiction was probably also partially wishful thinking from Germany, which intended to conquer the United Kingdom after France.

The Sigfried line is shown as monolithic and impregnable, whereas French defenses are shown as sporadic and somewhat piecemeal. This depiction was important for both propagandistic and information security reasons.

Condition Description
Large folding map. Minor wear at folds. Tape repair to fold in the left of the lower margin.