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Stock# 87334

St. Paul, Minnesota Photo Album

Chicago 1893 World's Fair Buildings 

A very nice amateur photo album full of excellent photographs of St. Paul and Chicago. The album dates from ca. 1893, and contains 71 original photographs. The images are quite large medium format prints, uniformly measuring approximately 8 x 6 inches. Several of the images are family snapshots, with captions identifying Arthur & Clarence French, Leonard W. French, and Helen French. The 1901 R. L. Polk & Co. St. Paul City Directory notes a Leonard W. French residing at 143 Virginia Ave. The 1915 St. Paul City Directory lists Helen C. French (-1931), as the widow of Leonard W. French (-1910), and residing at 1268 Marshall Ave.

Some of the World's Fair photographs depict structures sill under construction, suggesting pre-1893 production date for at least these images.

Three of the images represent a nice panoramic view of St. Paul.

Most of the family photographs are outdoor views, and include children.

Other notable views show the impressive mansion of railroad magnate James J. Hill on Summit Ave; Lincoln Park in Chicago; views in Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota, and many outdoor views depicting family life in the St. Paul exurbs.

A full listing of the photographs here follows:

1. Clarence L. French, Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minn.

2. [Minnehaha Falls]

3. [Minnehaha Falls]

4. Arthur S. French, Minnehaha Falls

5. [untitled landscape]

6. [repeat of first image of the album: Clarence L. French, Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minn.]

7. [snowy landscape]

8. [bridge in a snowy landscape]

9. Chicago World's Fair, 1893. A view from the Wooded Island, showing the fisheries Swedish, Brazilian and Cafe Buildings.

10. Looking West from Peristyle over Court of Honor, Showing Liberal Arts, Electricity, Machinery and Agricultural Buildings and Statue of the Republic in the Foreground, and the Administration Building in the Distance.

11. Liberal Arts Building, Boat Landing and Bridge on the Grand Basin, Illinois and Fisheries Buildings in the Distance.

12. Water Front of the Transportation, Horticultural and Woman's Buildings.

13. General View of the Widway and World's Fair Grounds and Buildings, Looking East From the Top of the Ferris Wheel.

14. [Natural history specimens on shelves]

15. [unidentified tiled-roof building]

16. [Interior view of room with Victorian-era furnishings]

17. [Interior view of a parlor, upright piano]

18. [church building]

19. [street view of three detached rowhouses]

20. [view of residential street, with Anderson & Freeman Ice Company horse-drawn carriage in right foreground]

21. [Pair of bird cages with birds]

22. [Victorian era parlor view]

23. [View of Lincoln Park in Chicago, with Saint-Gaudens statue of Abraham Lincoln]

24. [Civil War monument]

25. [Landscape with large dome structure for Wold's Fair under construction]

26. [World's Fair Palace of Fine Arts, now Museum of Science and Industry]

27. [The Republic statue]

28. [St. Paul, Minnesota panoramic view with River in foreground]

29. [St. Paul, Minnesota, continuation of panorama]

30. [St. Paul, Minnesota panorama]

31. [landscape, lake or river in foreground, with forested area in background]

32, [unidentified view, houses, windmill]

33. [unidentified house]

34. Osceila, Wisconsin

35. [Osceola? stream]

36. [unidentified landscape]

37, [waterworks landscape]

38. [interior view of well-appointed Victorian parlor]

39. [another view of parlor, with upright piano]

40. [outdoor view of three boys and young woman standing in front of a tent]

41. [outdoor view of childing and young people]

42. [Suburban houses, water pump in foreground]

43. [Two boys in overalls standing in front of ivy]

44. Clarence L. French [two boys with model of sailboat]

45. [outdoor view of women and children in horse-drawn carriage]

46. [two babies in a baby carriage or pram]

47. [small country house, trees, people on hammock on the right]

48. [Outdoor family group: older man and woman with young woman and boy]

49. [Outdoor view of boy and girl holding hands]

50. [Outdoor family group, including young man in military school uniform, young women, another young man]

51. [Outdoor family view: two young men and three young women]

52. Arthur & Clarence French [outdoor view of five boys]

53. Grandpa Leonard W. French, Grandma Helen French.

54. [unidentifed view of water, land in the distance, small boat in foreground]

55. [lake or river view]

56. [log cabin]

57. [lake or river view]

58. [rustic cabin]

59. [man in a sailboat on a lake]

60. [another view of man in sailboat]

61. [Street view in St. Paul, Minn.?]

62. [St. Paul buildings?]

63. [City Hall, St. Paul]

64. [Street view in St. Paul?]

65. Gordon & Ferguson department store building, facade, St. Paul.

66. [St. Paul street view, business block buildings: clothing stores, horsedrawn wagon "Wagner's Express"]

67. [St. Paul business district]

68. Residence of James J. Hill, Summit Ave., St. Paul.

69. [Summit Ave. St. Paul]

70. [Tiger lilly flowers in a vase]

71. [Outdoor view: overgrown vegetation]

Condition Description
Oblong quarto. Contemporary pebbled cloth photo album. 71 original photograph prints (each measuring 8 x 6 inches) mounded on recto and verso of thick card album leaves. Album covers a bit rubbed at edges, corners worn. Internally clean, with the photographs generally in excellent condition.