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A Finely Organized Biblical Info Graphic

Rare separately published map and data visualization graphic, engraved by John Dower and published by C.W. Leonard in London.

The central images include:

  • Journeying of the Children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan
  • Voyages and Travels of St. Paul
  • Map of Canaan according to Syrian Division, about 200 Years BC
  • Genealogical Tree of the Kings of Juda
  • Genealogical Tree of the Kings of Israel

A rich array of data is shown around the borders, including multiple time lines from the Bible, including an outer ribbon that discusses:

  • Jewish sects prior to the Babylonish Captivity
  • The origin of the Sadducees and their beliefs
  • The origin of the Pharisees and their habits and beliefs
  • Scribes, Doctors & Lawyers as part of the Pharisees
  • The origins of the Essenes and their beliefs
  • The origins of the Samaritans and their beliefs
  • Jewish Measurements for weights, time, distances, etc.
  • Length of "a day's travel."
Condition Description
Segmented and laid on linen, with original printed covers.