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Nice example of this SDUK map of Italy.

The map was published 20 years before Giuseppe Garibaldi commenced the Campaign of 1860 and the formation of the Expedition of the Thousand.  The Expedition was an event of the Italian Risorgimento that took place in 1860. A corps of volunteers led by Garibaldi sailed from Quarto, near Genoa (now Quarto dei Mille) and landed in Marsala, Sicily in order to conquer the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, ruled by the Bourbons. The project was an ambitious and risky venture aiming to conquer, with a thousand men, a kingdom with a larger regular army and a more powerful navy. The expedition was a success and concluded with a plebiscite that brought Naples and Sicily into the Kingdom of Sardinia, the last territorial conquest before the creation of the Kingdom of Italy in March 1861.