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The Fascists will Invade England - Just Like the Spanish Armada.

Fantastic Italian propaganda map of the British Isles, listing the many times that invading armies have successfully landed on the archipelago and suggesting that the next such invasion will be fascist.

The map lists the many successful and unsuccessful times that the British Isles had been invaded, including the 1066 Norman landing at Hastings as well as earlier Viking invasions. Roman invasions are also listed, and a legionnaire's tent being served by a downtrodden Briton is shown near Oxford. The most emphatic feature on the map is the Spanish Armada, whose failure makes it a strange centerpiece for such a map.

The map emphasizes the fascist symbolism of the Roman empire. In the upper left, the title cartouche shows a legionnaire next to an Italian airman. This is likely a reference to the Corpo Aereo Italiano, an Italian air corps that participated in the Battle of Britain that saw limited success but was hampered by inadequate equipment. 

This map was produced by the La Visceglia printing company. Founded in 1929 by Professor Vincenzo Visceglia, the company continues its operations to this day and is directed by the professor's nephew. The verso of the map includes advertisements by La Visceglia.

Condition Description
Folding map. Printed both sides. Fold toning and some toning to verso. Stamp affixed to front fold from the 25th of February, 1940. Small holes at intersecting folds.