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Highly detailed large-scale chart of the southern tip of Vancouver Island surrounded by the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, published by the US Navy.

The map extends to include the northwest corner of Washington State and as far north as the city of Vancouver. Numerous towns, points, ports, and capes are located along the coasts, including Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. The waters are filled with soundings, anchorages, shoals, rocks, buoys, and navigational information.

Two tables below the title list the lighthouses in the region and the abbreviations for the ground materials found below the surface of the water. The chart was "compiled from the latest British and United States Coast Surveys" in 1886, with extensive corrections in 1887.

The map was drawn by G. R Bechler and engraved by J. Enthoffer and J. L. Hazzard.

Updated to 1945?

A manuscript note in the lower-left corner shows corrections to 1945, however, this does not match with what we observe in the map itself. For one, the chart bears the seller stamp of Dillon & Co., of San Francisco, a company that was primarily active at the end of the 1880s. Secondarily, the versions of this map printed with updates into the 20th century had notice of these changes engraved in the lower margin. It might be the case that the updates refer to the chart being checked for lighthouses and major bathymetric changes against a more modern chart, in 1945.

Condition Description
Original hand-color to demarcate lighthouses. Purple stamp "Dillon & Co" above title. Staining and wrinkles. Tear in right of image.