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Original late-Depression-era pamphlet advertising air routes between San Diego and Salt Lake City, with stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Milford.

The four sectional maps that show, in great detail, all of the legs of the journey are the highlight of the pamphlet. The early depiction of San Diego is great - "Avacado Groves" are found inland of La Jolla, just north of Camp Kearny. Flower farms are shown near Oceanside. LA gets a similarly detailed treatment.

Some of the text on the map easily reveals that it was published early in the days of flying, when it was still luxurious. However, some adjustments were needed - obviously passengers were uncomfortable at the banking of airplanes and needed reassurance, as it is here described as a "bicycle rider lean[ing] in on a turn." The gender of flight attendants is given as solely female.

The map describes the Hoover Dam as complete, but does says that the lake behind is not yet full, demonstrating a date just before or after the 1936 inauguration of the then-Boulder Dam by FDR.

Condition Description
[12], including covers. Pamphlet bound with staples. Middle sheet loose at top staple.