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Detailed map of the Pacific Ocean, showing the Marshall Islands, Gilbert Islands, Solomon Islands, Santa Cruz Islands, New Hebrides, Fiji, Tonga, the Samoan Islands, Ellice, Phoenix Islands, Cook Islands, Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, and the Marquesas Islands, with insets of Hawaii and New Caledonia.

Many islands have a native (transliterated into French) and an alternate name given. Reitoru in French Polynesia has its name given by James Cook, Bird Island and Hao its name given by de Bougainville, Harpe.

One of the most striking and well-engraved maps of its era. Garnier's maps are prized for the engraving quality and delicate coloring. Includes roads, railroads, etc.

Condition Description
Some soiling in middle right and in margins. Minor foxing. On verso, a patch of textured dark specks.