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Unrecorded Biblical Infographic / Wall Map

Fine wall map focused on the Holy Land and the Levant illustrating the travels of St. Paul, engraved by John Dower,

Rare separately published map and data visualization graphic, engraved by John Dower and published by C.W. Leonard in London.  The central images include:

  • Journeying of the Children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan
  • Voyages and Travels of St. Paul
  • Map of Canaan according to Syrian Division, about 200 Years BC
  • Genealogical Tree of the Kings of Juda
  • Genealogical Tree of the Kings of Israel

A rich array of data is shown around the borders, including multiple time lines from the Bible, including an outer ribbon that discusses:

  • Jewish sects prior to the Babylonish Captivity
  • The origin of the Sadducees and their beliefs
  • The origin of the Pharisees and their habits and beliefs
  • Scribes, Doctors & Lawyers as part of the Pharisees
  • The origins of the Essenes and their beliefs
  • The origins of the Samaritans and their beliefs
  • Jewish Measurements for weights, time, distances, etc.
  • Length of "a day's travel."


The map is unrecorded.

Condition Description
Segmented and mounted on original linen. Original hand-color in outline.