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This Soviet-era poster from 1978, titled "The Decisions of the July (1978) Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Into Life!", represents the vigorous push for the development and industrialization of the Non-Black Earth region of the USSR. The prominent red background with bold graphics and text emphasizes the importance of the agricultural and industrial initiatives decided upon in the July Plenum of 1978.

The main graphic in the center of the poster features a map of the Non-Black Earth region, highlighted with various symbols representing the region's industrial and agricultural potential. Surrounding the map are illustrations of power lines, factories, construction sites, and agricultural machinery, signifying the multifaceted approach to development, including electrification, industrial expansion, and modern agricultural techniques.

The accompanying text on the poster underscores the slogan "Accelerated Comprehensive Development for the Non-Black Earth Region," a call to action for enhancing productivity and improving living standards in this historically less fertile and underdeveloped area of the Soviet Union. The imagery of a medal at the bottom signifies recognition and reward for efforts contributing to this ambitious development plan.

The inset label, positioned at the top left, reiterates the central message of the poster, affirming the commitment to implementing the Plenum's decisions. The text on the bottom, authored by artist S. Zhmurenkov and edited by V. Rukavishnikov and L. Koryagina, provides publication details, including the publisher "Plakat," Moscow, 1978. It notes the printing information, with an edition of 65,000 copies printed by the "Zorya" publishing house in Dnipropetrovsk, with a price of 10 kopecks.

This poster reflects the Soviet Union's broader strategy during the late 1970s to intensify the development of its less productive regions through centralized planning and state-driven initiatives, aiming to boost agricultural output and industrial capacity in line with the ideological goals of the Communist Party. 

Condition Description
Poster. Some short tears and small blemishes.