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Army intelligence map of the Egyptian desert near El Alamein updated just ten days prior to the start of the famous Second Battle at this site. This map shows Axis defenses several miles behind the initial frontlines of the battle in a critical section that saw severe fighting throughout. This map was published on October 13, 1942.

This map was made using aerial reconnaissance, pre-war surveys, and other intelligence-gathering methods. The map includes several layers of updates, with defenses shown in green being the latest general update to the map and positions shown in orange taken from information discovered by various British divisions. This map was made as the British army prepared to engage the Axis troops in the nearby Qattara Depression, and reserve troops and artillery positions were stationed in the area shown on the present map. The intelligence shown on the map would have been invaluable to Allied troops as they entered and fought in and around the area.

Maps of these types were some of the most important of the Second World War as they were produced for officers to navigate enemy territory. Maps of this sort were produced in the prelude to some of the most famous battles of the war, including the present El Alamein and the D-Day landings.

El Alamein was one of the critical turning points for the Second World War and represented the first major Allied victory in the war in a year. Fought at the end of October and the start of November 1942, British troops engaged German units just outside of El Alamein. The battle saw fierce fighting for a prolonged period of time, but eventually, Allied troops broke through the Axis lines and captured nearly 40,000 German troops.

Condition Description
Minor fold toning. Dark blue overprint. Minor pencil annotation in upper right. Small area of loss in lower text.