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First State of Tanner's Map of Illinois & Missouri Territories

Finely colored example of and early state of Tanner's large format map of Missouri and Illinois territories, from Tanner's seminal American Atlas.

The Missouri and Illinois map is perhaps the most sought after of all maps from this atlas, providing an amazing detail where there had been relatively little detailed cartographic work to date. The township surveys have begun, and both counties have a number of early counties, but the settlement and geopolitical boundaries are still in their infancy. The upper part of Illinois is still Sauk and Fox Indian Lands. Chicago is part of the Boundary Lands.

The Potawatma Indian Land is shown south of Chicago, along with massive Edgar and Fayette Counties. In Missouri, a massive Osage area is shown in the west, along with a huge Wayne County and large area above, described as attached to Gasconade Co. Many early roads are shown, primarily following rivers or connecting cities to the mining regions.

Tanner first conceived of the atlas in 1818, and began publishing it in serial/subscription format in 1819. Issued over a 5 year period, when finally completed, it marked the first American Atlas which could compete on merit with the quality of European Commercial publishers.

Condition Description
Minor offsetting.