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Stock# 84155

Important early atlas of Swizterland (Homann Heirs) and separately published text Gabriel Walser), published in 1769 and 1770 respectively.

The Atlas of the Republic of Switzerland was published by the Homann Heirs in Nuremberg in 1769 and consists of a title page (with Index) and 20 maps (2 general maps of Switzerland lacking from this example).

Bound with Gabriel Walser's Reformierten Pfarrers zu Berned im Rheinthal Schweizer:  Geographie. Samt den Mertwurdigseiten in den Apen und hohen Bergen.  Zur Erlauterung der Homannischen Charten herausgeben (pages IX to XCVII).

Gabriel Walser

Gabriel Walser (1695 -1776)  was a Swiss pastor, historian and geographer from the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden .

Walser studied theology and became a member of the Appenzell Synod. In 1721, became the pastor of  Speicher, working from 1721 to 1745. . In 1745 he took over the pastorate in Berneck.

In 1740, Walser published a map of the canton of chronicle of Appenzell, and Neue Appenzeller-Chronick oder Beschreibung des Cantons Appenzell der Innern- und Aussern-Rooden, a canton history since Roman times which also included a geographical description and map of Appenzell. Walser 's chronicle is considered an extension and continuation of the Appenzell chronicle by the pastor Bartholomäus Bischofberger from Trogen, which goes back to 1682. 

Traveling extensively through eastern and central Switzerland, Walser created maps of the cantons of Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Glarus, Appenzell and Graubünden for the Augsburg.

Between 1763 and 1768, Walser created 15 maps for the Atlas Novus Reipublicae Helveticae, published in Nuremberg in 1769 based on maps by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, Hans Konrad Gyger and others, showing the 18 cantons of the Old Confederation (excluding Schaffhausen) as well as the areas of St. Gallen, Graubünden and Valais.

In 1770, Walser published a text in Zurich entitled Schweitzer-Geographie samt den Merkwürdigkeiten in den Alpen und hohen Bergen, which he intended as a companion to the Homann Heirs published Atlas Novus Reipublicae Helveticae.

Condition Description
Some repairs in text. Lacking the 2 general maps of Switzerland (I and II), Canton of Basel (#11) and the corresponding text in the Walser tract (pages I - IX).