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A Puget Sound Navigation Company Promotional View

Detailed antique bird's eye view of Puget Sound, the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island, including the major cities of the region, such as Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Olympia, and Victoria.

The view includes a table of distances from Seattle to the left of the image. The key notes railroads, automobile roads, and electric lines. The white lines in the water represent ferry routes, while the black lines show major blue-water shipping routes.

The Puget Sound Navigation Company (PSNC) was founded by Charles E. Peabody in 1898. It operated a fleet of steamboats and ferries on Puget Sound in Washington and the Georgia Strait in British Columbia. Known colloquially as the Black Ball Line, the PSNC achieved a "virtual monopoly" on cross-sound traffic in the 1930s and competed with the Canadian Pacific Railway's steamships on several routes.

The map shows the Lake Washington Ship Canal, which was underway by 1911 but had been planned years earlier.

The present example was separately published and never folded -- apparently and unissued example.