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The National Territorial Units of the Soviet Socialist Republics.

CIA-published map of the various national republics that composed the USSR, stretching from Ukraine and Kaliningrad to the Pacific Ocean.

The map shows the various Soviet Socialist Republics of the region. These range from substantial-sized regions such as the Kazakh SSR or the Yakutskaya ASSR to small regions, including the Baltic states and the Jewish Autonomous State in Siberia.

These various delimitations persist today, with the Russian Republic representing a variety of subjugated nationalist republics. This system was born out of the initial Bolshevik not to subjugate ethnic groups in the ways of the Tsars; however, by the Stalinist period, the process of Russification had reversed most of this progress.

A note establishes that the borders shown are not necessarily those recognized by the US government. This map was republished in 1962 with upgrades to the geography.