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Scarce and highly sought after map centered on Russian America (Alaska), from Garnier's rare A tlas Spheroidal & Universal De Geographie, published in Paris by Jules Renouard.

The map includes excellent detail throughout Alaska, Canada and the Polar Regions, illustrating the then known regions above the arctic circle. It included explorers' routes and notes, and a good illustration of the known and conjectural coasts and geographical features of the islands of the region.

The detail in the NW begins along the Fraser River just south of Ft. Alexandria and Ft. Chilcotin, and notes Ft. Georges, Ft. St. James, Ft. Babine, Ft. Mac Leod and several villages. Many other forts along the MacKenzie River and the River de la Paix and the regions west of the Canadian Rockies are shown, along with villages and Indian Tribes. The course of the Yukon River is depicted, along with other early details of the interior of Alaska, well prior to its annexation by the US. Nice detail in the Aleutians.

Garnier's maps are prized for their striking and unique appearance and elegant wash colors.