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Antique lithographed map of the Russian Empire in Europe, from Poland to Chelyabinsk and south to Yerevan, with the ensign of the Imperial Russian Navy at right and the Imperial Standard and merchant navy flags at left.

There are several regions labeled and appear to be named after the ethnic groups who lived there: Samoiedi (after the Samoyeds), Syraeni (after the Zyryans), Woguli (after the Volga Tatars), Wotiaki (after the Wotyaks or Udmurts), Mordwa (after the Mordvins), Baskiri (after the Bashkirs), and Cossachia (after the Cossacks).

Condition Description
Original hand-color. Some foxing over Finland and the Caspian Sea. Binding tab at left with nearby small nick at bottom margin. Some blue ink on lower bottom margin. Right margin cut close to neatline.