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Interesting Italian-published world map showing the dispersal of ethnicities across the globe. Centered on the Pacific, which allows the people of Oceania to be grouped together, this map is replete with numerous misconceptions. The map also shows the distributions of large animal species across the globe.

Six racial groupings are shown: Caucasian, Mongolian, American, Oceanian, Ethiopian, and Ottentteco-Australian. The Aborigines of Australia are suggested to be more closely related to the peoples South African than they are to those hailing from the Maritime Continent and the Pacific. Interestingly, Hungary is shown as an exclave of the Mongolian peoples.

Numerous animal species are named on the map, including bison, corals, whales, beavers, polar bears, and more. The Canadian Arctic is still not fully mapped, but the rest of the world map is comparable to modern maps, save for the lack of Antarctica.

Condition Description
Original hand-color. Binding tab in far upper part of margin.
Rumsey 11713