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Highly detailed town plan of Berlin showing the layout of the city as it stood in the early 18th century.

The map shows roads, markets, plazas, churches, and much more are all labeled. Along the bottom of the map are views of twelve buildings from around the city. This is one of the most detailed plans of the town to appear in a 19th-century commercial atlas.

The centermost part of modern Berlin is shown on the present map, extending to the Tiergarten, Landwehr Canal, and the present-day Samariter Quarter. Despite the tumultuous changes that Berlin would undergo over the next century and a half, the city-grid is still recognizable. Buildings shown at the bottom of the map include the Berlin Castle, Opera House, Cathedral, and the Brandenberg Gate, all of which would be partially or fully destroyed during the Second World War.  At the time this map was made, Berlin was the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia.

The neighborhoods into which Berlin is subdivided in manuscript on the map differ from those recognized at present. Neighborhoods named include "Old Berlin," "Old Kolln," "Friedrichswerden," and others. This adds a unique and attractive contemporary twist to an otherwise typical SDUK map.

Condition Description
Original hand-color.