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A Fine Panoramic View of Jerusalem

Striking view of Jerusalem, from De Bruyn's Reizen van Cornelis de Bruyn . . . .

A spectacular panorama of Jerusalem taken from the Mount of Olives. Engraved by Henrik van Krooneveld. Cornelius van Bruyn (1652-1726) was a painter who traveled through the Holy Land and other portions of Asia. On reaching Ottoman controlled territory he had to disguise his activities due to a particularly repressive period of Ottoman rule in which foreigners were regarded with suspicion and the making of "graven images" was prohibited.

In Jerusalem, De Bruyn avoided detection by pretending to be picnicking with two Franciscan monks who stood guard while he made his preliminary drawing.

Condition Description
Minor soiling.
Laor, E. 967.
Cornelis De Bruyn Biography

Cornelis de Bruyn , 1652-c.1726 was a Dutch portrait painter and traveler.

De Bruyn painted for some years in Italy, where he was known, in Rome, as Adonis. Bruyn is remembered chiefly for the records of his extensive travels in Egypt, Persia, India, and other countries, illustrated with his own designs.