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From A Celestial Atlas on Cult Religions

Interesting view of the constellations, showing the procession of the signs of the zodiac in the northern hemisphere and the changing of the seasons. The map is curiously divided into the winter months "the six prefectures of the empire of Ahriman (the devil in Zoroastrianism)" and "the six prefectures of the empire of Ormus also Osiris." This delightful chart was published by Charles Francois Dupuis in the atlas volume his Origine des tous les cultes ou religion universelle, this work was printed in 1822.

Constellations shown on the map are the signs of the zodiac, including Cancer, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Libra, as well as other constellations such as Anubis, Canis, and Leo. The upper six months of the year are lighter, while the lower six are shaded, as described early. Each of the signs has a description of the climate that accompanies it, ranging from "Cold. Rains." to "Flowers. Heat." This fantastic description of the passing of time makes for a wonderful object.