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Port St. Denis

Uncommon and very attractive view of Paris showing the city as it stood in the middle of the 19th century. This map shows what was then considered to be the Fifth Arrondissement, outside the original walls of the city. Visible on the map are the Port St. Denis, the Gar de L'Est, and the Port St. Martin. This view appears to have been lithographed from a sketch taken in a hot air balloon, as suggested by the phrase at the bottom of the plate "View Taken From Above the Church of the Good News."

This print came from a set produced by the Sebastian Avanzo publishing house, lithographed by Jules Arnout, and drawn by Nicolas Chapuy. The set, Paris et ses Arrondissemens, shows each of the twelve districts of Paris in magnificent detail, with building-by-building demarcation easily visible and detail extending to individual windows and features. The images produced as part of this project are a remarkable preservation of the nineteenth-century layout of the city and came nearly exactly one hundred years after the previous great aerial view of the city produced under Michel-Étienne Turgot.

The map shows what now composes part of the 10th Arrondissement. Neighboring regions are shaded a darker color.  In the distance, smokestacks appear embodying the industrial history of the city.

Condition Description
Three stone lithograph. Minor toning and foxing.