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1853 SDUK / William Barnard Clarke
$ 175.00

This is a fabulous town plan of Ancient Rome, including a description and location of many of the ancient walls and buildings that made up the city. This view of the imperial city strips away the many layers of later development, allowing the viewer to fully understand the city and its seven hills.

The map is attractively laid out, showing the city within the Aurelian walls. While the heart of the new city lies slightly to the north of most of the buildings on the map, the center of old Rome was in the hillier southern area. The structure of the ancient capital is easily visible, which is likely due to the talent of the cartographer, William Barnard Clarke. This was Clarke's first map for the SDUK and showcases both his interest in ancient Italian history and his knowledge regarding archeology, having been previously in charge of the restoration of the 13th Century Waltham Cross in London.

A profile of ten famous structures lies at the bottom. These include the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Trajan's Column, and the Arch of Constantine. An index of buildings grouped according to regions of Rome appears along the left of the map. Copious notes describe the geography of the city and its history.