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Map of the Official Survey of the Fossil Creek Reservoir, executed under the oversight of the State Engineer of Colorado and drawn by Geo.H.Angell, stands as an authoritative documentation of the Fossil Creek Reservoir, belonging to the North Poudre Irrigation Co. in Water District No.3, just to the southeast of Fort Collins. This map, dating to the early 20th century, was created in accordance with Section 6, Chapter 85 of the Session Laws from 1904, 1906, and 1908. The fieldwork and computations were spearheaded by T.W.Jaycox and L.G. Carpenter, the latter also serving as the State Engineer.

The early 20th century was a pivotal period for water management and irrigation, especially in the American West. The development of reservoirs and their detailed documentation reflected an evolving understanding of the importance of water resources and the integration of advanced engineering and legal frameworks. As the West faced challenges related to water scarcity, infrastructure like the Fossil Creek Reservoir became crucial for agricultural, urban, and environmental needs.

The map is not merely a geographic delineation; it employs unique markers to detail specific geological and topographical features. For instance, red sandstones have been embedded in the ground to mark stations of the upper traverse, revealing specific elevations provided on the map. Additionally, specific points, such as the topmost point of the outlet well chamber, are marked, offering precise elevation data relevant to both the datum and sea level.

The accompanying certification by L.G. Carpenter, the State Engineer based in Denver, reinforces the map's significance. He vouches for the map's fidelity to the official survey and confirms the accuracy of the reservoir capacities depicted. This testament underscores the pivotal role of state officials in ensuring that such water infrastructure was developed and documented with precision and rigor.

Incorporated within the map's framework are references to Webster Lake, Seaman Lake, and Swede Lake. These water bodies, in relation to the Fossil Creek Reservoir, offer glimpses into the broader hydrological network within Colorado's Water District No.3. Their inclusion further elucidates the interconnectedness of water resources and the foresight with which early 20th-century engineers and planners approached water management.

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Faint toning at folds.