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Finely executed map illustrating the progress of the war between the English and the Boers, published by Justus Perthes in 1899.

The map includes a tremendous amount of topographical and other details including shipping lines, forts, battle sites, historical battle sites from the 1880-81 war, Railroad lines under construction, paved roads, telegraph lines, etc.

Includes a large inset map showing the gold regions in the Transvaal.

The map was printed during the Second Boer War. The Second Boer War (October 1899 - May 1902) was the first major international conflict of the 20th century. The war was fought between the British Empire versus the Orange Free State and the South African Republic (Transvaal Republic). After a protracted hard-fought war, the two independent republics lost and were absorbed into the British Empire. The last of the Boers surrendered in May 1902 and the war ended with the Treaty of Vereeniging in the same month. The Union of South Africa was established in 1910. The treaty ended the existence of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State as Boer republics and placed them within the British Empire.

Gold was discovered in the Transvaal in 1886, quickly converting this poor region into a booming mining region. Mining continued until the start of the Second Boer War, at which time it ground to a virtual halt for several years, before resuming in earnest in 1902.