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Fantastic Valk & Schenk map of northern Aragon, showing the region up to the border with France along the Pyrenees. North is positioned at the right end of the map.

Many towns and cities are named throughout the map. Relief is shown topographically. Cities are highlighted in red. The map includes a decorative cartouche with a number of cherubs as well as older wise men with measuring instruments. An additional cartouche holds two scale bars.

This map shows the region detailed by George Orwell in his much later Homage to Catalonia. Orwell is sent to the vicinity of Huesca after being based in Barcelona, where he takes part in a prolonged attack on the city which exemplifies the poor conditions of early 20th-century warfare. He is mainly stationed on the eastern side of the city, but also passes through the town of Tavernas, downriver. At one point, he partakes in a false attack on the city so that the road to Jaca ("Iaca") may be taken.

Condition Description
Original hand-color in outline. Minor toning around edges.