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Finely engraved image of the portrait of the Earl and Countess of Arundel, who are shown wearing regal outfits and holding an enormous globe centered on the Indian Ocean. This copperplate engraving, executed near the end of Lucas Vorsterman's career, is based upon a painting by Anthony van Dyck from c. 1640.

The image shows the two nobles dressed in furs and wearing large pendants, in front of a backdrop of curtains. The Earl holds a large staff. Roman-style marbles surround the two figures.

Lucas Vorsterman was a noted engraver who never had much financial success, despite his collaboration with noted artists such as Anthony Van Dyck and Peter Paul Reubens. He also purportedly did work for influential patrons such as Charles I and Thomas Howard, the latter of whom is depicted here. Vorsterman was active both in the United Provinces and in the United Kingdom.

Thomas Howard, the 21st Earl of Arundel, was a fascinating figure of Stuart England who was repeatedly imprisoned for defying other members of the aristocracy and the royal family. He was particularly noted for his travels throughout Europe and for the large collection of statues he amassed, which he donated to the Ashmolean Museum and are now known as the Arundel Marbles. He was a noted art collector, and he settled in Antwerp during the English Civil War, where he was painted a number of times by Rubens and van Dyck.

Condition Description
Some minor wear at edges.