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Lively political satire map, depicting the world seen through the lens of Reaganism. This is the second of Horsey's two Reagan World maps, the first published in 1982, updated to reflect current political happenings, including detente with China, the Solidarity movement, and unrest in the Middle East. An apple-pie holding, flag-waving compass rose appears.

This highly politically incorrect map calls Mexico "Mariachi Land," South America "El Salvador," and the Middle East "Our Oil." For the most part, the overseas components would closely resemble a world map dedicated to later US presidents. 

While, for the most part, the map could be taken as either a tongue-in-cheek critique or praise of Reagan, the appearance of the "Bechtel Corporation" (as well as the political tendencies of the author) suggests an anti-industrial-military complex theme.

David Horsey was an illustrator working for the Seattle Post Intelligencer. This was the first of his two Reagan's World maps, the second of which is illustrated here. A brightly colored and nearly identical example was published by the Helsinki-based World Peace Council (purported at one point to be a Soviet front by the CIA). This undated edition is believed to follow the Horsey map, although this is uncertain.

This map is a classic look at satirical political humor from the 1980s.

Condition Description
Slight damage from former framing in four corners, far removed from image, with associated tape stains.