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Fantastic and uncommon original antique map of Europe and Asia, showing the region traveled by Marco Polo. This map was originally published in Niels Moller's Ulmindelig Historie ober Reiser til Lands og Bands; eller Samling af alle Reisebestrivelser, an "uncommon history of travel. . . or collection of all travel documents."

This map seeks to inform the viewer about the discovery of all the further parts of the world. In the Arctic, the dates of discovery for the islands of Nova Zembla, Spitzbergen, and Greenland are all provided. Notes appear regarding these areas.

Further east, the Great Wall of China is shown, and the metastasizing branches of what can only be assumed to be the Silk Road are shown. Curiously, one of these branches splits off towards Moscow, and thence to London via Archaengealsk and the North Sea - not the most straightforward of voyages. Off in the Pacific, Iesso Land has been reduced to encompass only Hokkaido Island. However, "Compagnie Land," as described by Joao de Gama, appears. Hints are made that this might extend far into the ocean.