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Rare map of Europe identifying the prevalent languages of the world. Includes tables identifying the characters of the Hybernian, Gothic, Runic, Marcoman, Greek, Schythic, Latin, Hungarian, Sclavonian, Glagolitic, Hetroscan and Russian languages (with apologies for our misspellings and an invitation to offer corrections). One of a set of four, depicting the 4 continents.

Homann Heirs Biography

Homann Heirs was a German publishing firm that enjoyed a major place in the European map market throughout the eighteenth century. Founded in 1702 by Johann Baptist Homann, the business passed to his son, Christoph, upon Johann’s death in 1724. Christoph died in 1730, aged only 27, and the firm was inherited by subsequent Homann heirs. This altered the name of the company, which was known as Homann Erben, or Homann heirs. The firm continued in business until 1848.