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The image depicts the "Mercuriale" held at the Augustins in Paris on June 10, 1559 in the presence of King Henri II of France.

This is one of two scenes engraved by Jean Jacques Perrissin, showing scene in Parliament on June 10, 1559, at which time Anne du Bourg pleaded against persecution of the Huguenots.  In this image, du Bourg is shown addressing King Henri II and reproaching him for his policy of repression. The story continues outside the window, where Du Bourg and 4 other magistrates are being led to the Bastille.

Du Bourg apparently compared Henri's infidelity to the purity of the Protestant community, which angered the King.   Several days later a special commission was established to try Du Bourg and his compatriots in the Parliament.  While the commission wished to avoid executing their colleagues, Du Bourg refused and was later burned to death on December 23, 1559 in the Place de Grève.

The image above is one of 40 old master engravings which appeared in xxxx.   The publishing history of the "Quarante Tableaux" detailed by Philip Benedict in  The Graphic History: the Wars, Massacres and Troubles of Tortorel and Perrissin" (2007).  The pictorial account begins with a special meeting of the Parliament on June 10, 1559 at which Anne Du Bourg spoke out before King Henri II against repression of Protestantism, and continues with image depicting the next 11 years, ending with a battle between Hugenot and Catholic forces on the Rhone River in March 1570. 

Condition Description
Laid down on a backing. Minor worming and evidence of an old fold and fold weakness. Loss at lower right corner and center, primarly affecting the text and a bit of the image.