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Uncommon Early Jefferson-Era Plan of Charleston

1801 plan of Charleston published in John Luffman's Select Plans and described as "one of the most commodious ports in N. America." The map is detailed, showing the city in red, with attractive detail on the harbor.

Johnson's Fort (Fort Johnson) is shown overlooking the harbor, which was first constructed in 1708 but abandoned in 1800 after a storm breached its sea wall. It would be partially reconstructed during the War of 1812, but nearly completely wiped away in 1827. Sullivan's Fort is also named.

Sea detail is interesting, with many sandbars named. Six different channels into the harbor are indicated, including "The Swash," which leads into "No Mans Land," and "8 feet channel."

Luffman's Select Plans is an uncommon traveler's guide that served to educate the intrepid traveler regarding any part of the world, from the major cities of Europe to the wild coasts of the Spice Islands. Each of Luffman's maps contained detailed coastal descriptions showing the major landmarks and cities, as well as basic but necessary navigational information. This plate appeared in the second of Luffman's two volumes.

Condition Description
Original hand-color.