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This very rare two-sheet World War II-era American military map of Shanghai is a highly detailed and historically significant piece. The map was initially published by the Geographical Section of the General Staff as No. 3956 in 1935 at the War Office. The GSGS edition was released in 1935, with the AMS 1 edition following in 1944.

The map was updated by the Army Map Service, U.S. Army in Washington, D.C., in 1944, with the British Grid deleted and the World Polyconic Grid added. The key provides information on various features, including motor roads, other roads, paths, villages, and built-up areas.

The original British map was heliographed at O.S. (Ordnance Survey) from the drawings of the 1933 Municipal plan and printed at O.S. in 1937. The Army Map Service reproduction was done by the 64th Engineer Base Topographic Battalion.

This rare map of Shanghai during World War II provides invaluable insights into the city's layout and infrastructure during a crucial period in history. It would have been an essential resource for military personnel and strategists, offering detailed information on transportation routes and urban areas for planning and executing operations.

In 1944, Shanghai was a city marked by significant changes and turmoil due to the ongoing events of World War II. Occupied by Japan since 1937 after the Battle of Shanghai, the city had become a hub of political and military activity in the region. Despite the occupation, the city was still home to a diverse international community, including foreign concessions that remained relatively independent. As the war intensified, however, the situation in Shanghai became increasingly precarious, with tensions rising between the occupying Japanese forces, the Chinese resistance, and the foreign concessions. The city's strategic importance as a major port and commercial center made it a crucial battleground for the Axis and Allied powers.

The 1944 map of Shanghai would have been an essential tool for military planning and intelligence during this turbulent time, offering detailed information on the city's layout and infrastructure to support various operations and maneuvers.

Condition Description
Two sheets, unjoined.