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Lively pictorial bird's-eye view of San Diego, drawn by Richard Lozier for Harvey Hutter & Co.

The view shows San Diego prior to the construction of Horton Plaza. Qualcomm Stadium is still Jack Murphy Stadium and in the distance, Mount St. Helens is smoking, suggesting a date shortly after its 1980 eruption.

The view is based on Saul Steinberg's famous New Yorker magazine cover "View of the World from 9th Avenue", which appeared in March 1976, and lampooned New Yorkers' alleged navel-gazing attitude.

The present view is one of a large series of images that riffed on the Steinberg concept while substituting other American and worldwide cities. Steinberg's original work has been the subject of almost-countless parodies, including one, by Columbia Pictures, which resulted in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Condition Description
Somewhat sun-struck with diminution of some pigments, partially stopped at the edges by a previous frame.