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A Rogue Proposal to Solve NYC's Issues.

A fascinating original poster from Mailer Breslin's 1969 run for New York City mayor, on the grounds that he would make New York City the 51st state of the United States.

The map shows the five boroughs of the City without depicting the rest of the state. All neighborhoods are shown in vibrant, sixties-style print with large, bulging letters. Various of Breslin's campaign points appear throughout, including the claim for "clean air" "no smog" and "free bikes."

Mailer Breslin's run for NYC mayor was based on unconventional and imaginative, but often ill-founded, solutions for helping a New York City that was sliding from its post-World War II heights. His proposal to found reincarnate New York City as the 51st state, with each borough becoming its own municipality, was popular across the city. Despite this, Breslin was trounced in the June 17th Democratic Primary, ending his hopes for office.

Condition Description
Minor wear to parts of the image. Small tears into the image, and occasional edge chips.