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Gorgeous map of the world, based upon Nicholaas Visscher's map of 1663 (Shirley 431). Includes California as an island, incomplete coastlines for New Zeland and Australia, Straits of Anian, potential NW Passage, and a host of other early conjectural cartography. Four allegorical female figures represent the four continents (Europe, Asia, America and Africa), along with exotic allegorical scenes. Two celestial models are shown center top and bottom. The map bears an inscription naming Pieter Keur at the bottom of the image, making it a rare variant edition known to Tooley only by a letter sent to him by Lynn Glaser ( A rare variant edition, bearing the name of Pieter Keur and the legend noted as a variant not seen by Shirley. This is an early state, which retains Stoopendahl's name and the number 6 near the feet of America. Gorgeous full color example, with none of the usual condition problems which plague this map. A fine example. Shirley 513.