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Charming and scarce bird's-eye view of Manhattan and Brooklyn, in a pamphlet promoting the sale lots in the latter's Borough Park neighborhood, just to the south of Prospect Park and the Green-Wood Cemetery.

The view shows the spatial relationship of Borough Park to landmarks in Manhattan, namely City Hall. Positively comparing the distance between the two to much more expensive neighborhoods in farther north in Manhattan.

The view is an unusual but quite intuitive example of persuasive mapmaking, as it attempts to bring the reader into a specific way of viewing the world through its use of perspective and cartography.

Interestingly, the desirability of the land being sold depended in large part on the realization of the Joralemon Street Tunnel, New York City's first underwater subway tunnel. The proposal for the subway linking Manhattan and Brooklyn was formalized in 1897, with construction beginning in the Spring of 1903. The pamphlet's labeling of the tunnel "Proposed New Tunnel | South Ferry to Atlantic Av." thus helps date the map to around 1900.

The caption below the view reads:

Borough Park Lots, $450 to $850. A Few Higher / Electric Train from City Hall, 30 min.

He sees that which makes him wonder why people have been foolish enough to buy lots for $15,000 at 177th street, when they can be purchased much nearer to the New York City Hall for $450. Not long ago the 177th street lots sold for the figures are which Borough Park property is now offered. The rise in Bronx values has been swift and sure. Just as sure will be the enhancement of prices at Borough Park.

Today "Boro" Park is known for its large Orthodox Jewish community - one of the largest Jewish communities outside of Israel.

Condition Description
Multi-page pamphlet (complete). Two staples through the centerfold.