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Scarce map of Alexandria, produced by the great German cartographer and archeological historian Carl Ritter. The map shows the historic center of Alexandria, which lies on a thin spit of land between the Mediterranean and the now-infilled Mariout Sea.

Below the town plan lay three intriguing diagrams. The first shows a cross-section of the Nile Valley near Siout showing the depth to groundwater, based on well data collected from French cartographers. The second shows data collected regarding the variation in the discharge of the Nile throughout the seasons, based on data collected in 199-1801. The final shows several important monuments that can be found in Egypt along the Nile.

Carl Ritter and Modern Geography

Carl Ritter is considered one of the founders of modern geography and was an important figure of his time. One of Ritter's best-known works, his Erdkunde im Verhaltnis. . ., attempted to describe the geography of the entire globe. This work had a very broad concept of geography, not only encompassing cartography but also hydrography, climatology, and volcanology. Ritter never completed his work due to the vast scale of his undertaking.