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One of the earliest surviving printed maps of Custer City in the Oklahoma Territory.

The map shows the subdivision of Custer City into lots grouped by blocks. The Saint Louis and San Francisco Railroad is seen to pass through the center of the town, as it still does today.

Places of importance in Custer City are labeled, including the Town Site Office, the Bank, the Post Office, the Newspaper, and several hotels, and a location marked "Telephone."

Custer City

Custer City began life as Graves, Oklahoma, after the establishment of a post office in 1894. The city would change its name in 1904 to Custer City, shortly after lots were developed and sold by the Frisco Townsite Company. The development of the Enid and Southwestern Railway line which passed through Custer City led to the growth of the town and the city grew rapidly during its first decade. 

W. R. Hughes

The Custer County Abstract Company was first founded by W. R. Hughes in 1897. The company exists today and advertises that "Custer County Abstract Company may well be the only abstract company in Oklahoma that is run by 3 1/2 generations of women."


This map is very rare. OCLC lists only one institutional copy at the Southern Methodist University Degolyer Library. We were unable to locate any additional examples or any older maps of Custer City, Oklahoma.

Condition Description
Even toning. Minor staining on right side. Minor loss in upper right.