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Rare map of the area around Antivari (Bar, Montenegro), published by Ferrando Bertelli in Venice in his Civitatum aliquot insigniorum et locor[um], magis munitor[um].

The map shows the town during the Venetian-Ottoman Wars.    The town is depicted with a flag flying a cross, suggesting the town is shown prior to its fall in 1571.  On Monte Cisigno at the top right of the image, a tower flies a flag of the Ottoman empire.

Antiveri (Bar)

From 1443 to 1571, the region was ruled by the Venetian Empire, which called the town Antivari, which was a part of the Albania Veneta.

It was a town with its own coat of arms, flag, statute and mint. In 1571, the Ottomans captured Antivari and held the town until 1878.  

Condition Description
Some minor dampstaining at the top center and minor loss at the top right.