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A nice decorative double hemisphere celestial map, showing, as advertised in the title, 1022 stars and 48 constellations. It further specifies that twelve of these are part of the zodiac, and thirty-six are not. This map appeared alongside a similarly bordered world map purportedly by Jans Luyts which shows California as an island. The design of this map is simple, and the dark background attractive

The most interesting part of this projection is that it appears that the map does not appear to be split into the northern and southern skies. Rather, the signs of the zodiac are projected at the intersection between the two charts, indicating that the creator instead chose to center the maps on the radial component of the sphere perpendicular to the great circle on which the ecliptic line lies. The polar circles, lines of the tropics, and equator are all shown, and skewed from the center at approximately 26° (the tilt of the earth), further strengthening this hypothesis. The chart claims that these are the northern and southern parts of the sky, though this is not strictly true.