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With the Coat of Arms of Pope Pius IV

A rare and finely engraved 'Lafreri School' map of Rome and Latium, after the six-sheet map of the region by Eufrosino della Volpaia.

Rare separately published map of Lazio, which has been attributed to Vincenzo Luchini. This is the first of a number of maps that are based upon Eufrosino della Volpaia's unobtainable map of the region.

This is one of the earliest printed maps of Latium (Lazio), the region surrounding Rome.  Oriented with east at the top, the map is centered on the 'Eternal City', which is shown to be surrounded by its castellated walls, while the ruins of the Aqueducts of Aqua Claudia and Aqua Marcia are visible towards the upper right (to the southeast of Rome). The undulating countryside features numerous hills, towns, roads, forests and lakes, while the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are inhabited by a sea monster and a sailing ship.

States and Rarity

The map is known in 5 states, all very rare.

  • State 1:  includes privilege and the date 1556
  • State 2:  Papal coat of arms moved higher and improved. Date changed to 1557
  • State 3:  Dated 1560.  Coat of arms of Pope Pius IV (elected December 25, 1559) added
  • State 4:  Petri de Nobilis Formis added
  • State 5:  Date changed to 1647 and imprint of Jo. Jacomo de Rubeis formis Romae alla Pace.
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