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Rare map of Slovenia,  Northwestern Croatia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, published in Venice by Zaltieri in 1569.

This is the only map of the historical region of Carniola produced by the Lafreri school of mapmakers. The map is drawn from Wolfgang Lazius' Ducatus Carniolae et Histriae una cum Marcha Windorum, published in Vienna in 1561, but with improvements in Istria and environs, such as the corrected identification of the towns of Capodistria and Muggia, which were confused for one another by Lazius.

Zalteri includes the mythical island of Egida, in the Adriatic, just to the south of Capodistria.  In the center of the map is Lake Cerknica, a natural phenomenon of the Karst landscape that was one of the most famous landmarks in Southeastern Europe, which would practically disappear in the autumn for several months, sometimes even for more than a year, before suddenly reemerging in the spring to swell to a great size.  Zaltieri depicts Lake Cerknica as it would appear during the dry season, concentrating on the mostly underground channels of water. The lake was the source of much fascination amongst scholars from Roman to modern times, but it was only during the 18th Century that credible explanations were proposed for its mysterious nature.


This is the first of two states of the map. The states can be identified as follows:

  1. With imprint Bologninus Zalterius Venetijs MDLXVIII
  2. With imprint Nicolai Valegii for. Venetijs MDCXIIII


The map is rare on the market.

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