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Fine original antique map of the Holy Land, published by Christopher Baker in London as part of the 1595 Geneva Bible.

The map captures key locales within the Holy Land that bear significant biblical weight. Central to the map is Jerusalem, not just a geopolitical nexus, but also the crucible of Christian narratives, including Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection. A short distance away, Bethlehem transcends its geographical significance as the prophesied birthplace of the Messiah.

To the north, Galilee stands out not just for its topographical allure but as the theater for many of Jesus's miracles. Capernaum, nestled on the Sea of Galilee's northern edge, served as a base for Jesus's ministry, while Magdalon offers more than geographical interest as Mary Magdalene's hometown. Cesarea Philippi, further north, is where the foundational Christian proclamation of Jesus as the Messiah by Peter took place.

Eastward, Jericho is emblematic of divine intervention in the Old Testament. The Jordan River itself, beyond its hydrological significance, is the baptismal site of Jesus. Samaria, while geopolitically contentious, holds biblical narratives like Jesus's discourse with the Samaritan woman. 

The map appeared in the famous Geneva Bible, published in London in 1595 by Christopher Baker. The Geneva Bible was first published in 1560 and was one of the earliest English translations of the Scriptures, produced by Protestant exiles in Geneva during the reign of Queen Mary I. Its annotations and marginal notes, which provided interpretation and commentary, made it a foundational text for English-speaking Protestants and significantly influenced later translations, including the King James Version.

Condition Description
Some toning. Uneven margins.