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The map as the left shows the area centered on the Allier River and Clermont-Ferrend, extending north to Puy Guillaume and south to Gondole.

The map at the right shows the area of Northwestern France, which includes Dunkir, Calais, Boulogne-sur-Mer and Montreul.

First published in 1578, De Jode's atlas is technically superior to the work of Ortelius. However, Ortelius' ability to produce his atlas first, coupled with his superior commercial connections, probably resulted in his ability to block or delay the issuance of a privilege for publication of De Jode's atlas for nearly a decade. It doomed De Jode's Speculum Orbis Terrae to become a commercial failure, hence the rarity of the maps on the market. A second and expanded edition of the atlas was issued in 1593.