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Rare Early Edition

Nice example of Wagenhaer's map the coastline of the Basque Regions of Spain and France, published in Leiden in 1583.

This state of the map apparently only existed in the earliest examples of Waghenaer's Spiegel der Zeevaerdt, and was quickly replaced by a new chart of the region, which significantly revised the coastal details and slightly modified the orientation of the map.  The differences can most clearly be seen along the French coastline at the right.  The later edition can be seen here:

The map is oriented with south at the top, and extends from Castro Urdiales and Bilbao in the west to Arcachon in the north, centered on San Sebastian and Biarritz.

The decorative embellishments includes a sailing ship, sea monsters, a large compass rose and other decorative features.

Wagenhaer was a Dutch pilot who produced the first set of effective navigational charts, under the title Spiegel der Zeevaerdt. These gorgeous charts, engraved by Baptist and Jan van Doetecum, embody the latest contemporary knowledge of navigation and position finding and set the standard which was followed for more than a century. Waghenaer's charts are magnificent works of art, which are highly sought after by collectors.

An essential map for collectors of the Basque Region and Coastal Charts, one of the most decorative of all of Waghenaer's sea charts.