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Burial Site of the First Kings of Hungary

Interesting view of the Hungarian city of Székesfehérvár (Alba Regia in Latin or White Castle in English), published during the Wars with the Ottoman Empire.

The view appeared in Historia delle Attioni De Re  Dell' Ungaria . . ., written by Sponcir Ottone and published in Venice in 1685, a later edition (and title) of the work first published in 1654.   

The city is illustratrated at a time when it was under Ottoman control and included a number of mosques (as illustrated).


The Ottomans conquered the city after a long siege in 1543 and only after most of the defenders including the commander, György Varkoch, being locked out by wealthy citizens fearing they might incur the wrath of the Ottomans by a lengthy siege.  

In the 16th–17th centuries Székesfehérvár looked like a Muslim city. It was a sanjak centre in Budin Province as "İstolni Belgrad" during Ottoman rule.

Except for a short period in 1601 when Székesfehérvár was reconquered by an army led by Lawrence of Brindisi, the city remained under Ottoman administration for 145 years, until 1688. The Ottomans destroyed most of the city, they demolished the cathedral and the royal palace, and they pillaged the graves of kings in the cathedral. They named the city Belgrade ("white city", from Serbian Beograd) and built mosques.


Condition Description
Repaired hole in the map at the bottom right and some minor staining.