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Attractive large map of Casablanca produced in the immediate postwar era. The detail is extensive, with all the neighborhoods, streets, parks, and attractions of Casablanca clearly labeled. The ancient, twisting streets of the old and new medinas (marketplaces) located in the north and south (respectively) of the city are clearly identifiable. 

Casablanca was rapidly growing at the time of this map's publication. Proposed developments of streets without associated buildings are visible to the south. The port is well developed, but decades following the maps publication would see the construction of additional terminals. Despite this progression, the heart of the city remains essentially unchanged. The legend on the lower right-hand side of the map denotes many of the buildings which make Casablanca a center of tourism and culture today.

1950s Morocco was a French protectorate, having been previously controlled by Vichy France from 1940 to 1942 after the German occupation of France. However, after the North African Campaign, Morocco was under Allied control and thus was active in Allied operations until the end of the war. With large numbers of American and British troops stationed in the area during and after the war, Morocco and Casablanca came to dominate the imagination of the postwar English-speaking imagination. This was only furthered by the 1942 classic film named after the city and still popular today.

Condition Description
Folding map. Printed front and back. Original printed wrapper (somewhat worn).