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Sicily in Ancient Times

Rare antique engraved map of Sicily, Syracuse, and Carthage, prepared for Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World.

In one of the map's vignettes, the Peloponnesian War battle at Syracuse is shown. The map as a whole was intended as an illustration to a discussion of the Athenian Sicilian Expedition. The map has sometimes been associated with the Punic Wars, though that is not what the note in Syracuse would suggest.

Written during his imprisonment in the Tower of London, the History of the World is Sir Walter Raleigh's most important prose work. The book, originally intended as a multivolume project, covers the creation of the world to 146BC and aims to show history as a moral exercise.

Editions of Raleigh's book were issued from 1614 to at least 1680. This example has numbers in the upper right corner which can be used to determine the edition. This is the second state with page number "271" rather than "321".